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ISPO Evaluators

ISPO Evaluators are volunteers responsible for assessing a P&O training facility against the relevant ISPO Education Standards, and making recommendations to ensure compliance with the latter.

The key responsibilities in the Consultation/Evaluation process include:


  •  revision of the application documents submitted by the training institution 
  • elaboration of the evaluation schedule.

Onsite visit:

  • inspection of the facility and its activities;
  • interview with faculty, staff and other relevant people;
  • further consideration of relevant documentation.


  •  preparation of a detailed evaluation report including recommendations;
  • provision of additional information to the Education Committee upon request.


Step 1 - Eligibility Criteria 

  • Minimum of 5 years post qualification prosthetic/orthotic clinical and/or clinical educator experience.
  •  Involved in education with recent knowledge of modern educational theories.
  •  Experience of competence assessment of student or graduate prosthetists/orthotists (Category I) and/or orthopaedic technologists (Category II)
  • Applicants should be members of ISPO
  • Must have detailed knowledge of P&O education and of the ISPO educational training standards and procedures.

Step 2 - Submit an application

Interested candidates can apply online via the following application form.
A Curriculum Vitae in English is required.

Step 3 – Review process

Applications are reviewed by the ISPO Education Committee. 

Step 4 – Ad hoc training for ISPOEvalutors

The Education Committee organizes ad hoc training for approved ISPO Evaluators.
Places for evaluator trainings are limited and candidates will therefore be selected by the Education Committee, based on the need for a balanced pool of evaluators and on the characteristics of the candidates.